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“A powerful book to find courage to live life intentionally and with meaning. Patrick’s life story is inspiring and his learnings can be applied to everyone. Through humanity, vulnerability and charisma, Patrick helps us reflect and find ways to face challenges and reinvent oneself. Worth reading!”

Barbara Martin Coppola, CEO of Decathlon

Purpose and Summary

Step Back and LEAP was written to help people who need to make a massive change in their lives. The objective is to help provide people with stories, tools and practical exercises to help them understand themselves better, align their career and life goals with their purpose and values and make massive transformation in their lives.

Have you ever woken up in the middle of the night and thought, “Where the hell is my life going?”

All of us have been there and most of us struggle to find the answer to simple but difficult questions like “What do I really want?” and “How do I actually make it happen?”

Patrick Mork, a former Google exec and serial tech marketer, hit that wall in 2017. After being fired twice in the span of 18 months at two different startups, he woke up one day terrified by the realization that what he had spent the past 20 years doing no longer excited him and that his passion for it was gone.

Divorced, nearly bankrupt and teetering on the edge of depression, his life and career were in ruins.

Fast forward 5 years. Patrick has become a highly sought after CEO coach and motivational speaker, built one of the fastest growing leadership development startups in South America, and moved to Santiago, Chile. He and his team have impacted 1,000’s of people and developed leaders and high performance teams for clients including Walmart, Liberty Media, Falabella and regional unicorns like Xepelin and Betterfly.

Step Back and Leap Is an authentic, personal and raw series of stories that trace the author’s life and challenges. From being bullied as a kid in Mexico, to flaming out in a startup destined for stardom in Silicon Valley. From starting a company at age 47 in a foreign country to surviving a near-revolution in the streets of Santiago, Chile. Each chapter recounts dramatic, real-life challenges Patrick faced and the 9 indispensable “keys” he used to systematically overcome each challenge.

But it doesn’t require a fortune, an MBA from a top school or having worked at Google to make radical, profound changes in your life. Anyone can do it. With the right tools, support, perspective and hard work.

Step Back and LEAP details 9 powerful keys to help you unlock your true self and live a life of purpose and meaning that is in line with your values.

Each key is supported by a series of proven, practical exercises which will help move you from inspiration to action as you start to become the person you really want to be.

“What might be possible if you could live a life of purpose and meaning?”

Imagine the possibilities….

“What might be possible if you could live a life of purpose and meaning?”
Imagine the possibilities….

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What might be possible if you could live a life of purpose and meaning?